Obama Camp Says Clinton Should Win Big Today

Barack Obama’s campaign has predicted that Hillary Clinton “should win big” today. The Obama camp is playing on the media’s claim that Clinton has to have a blowout win in Pennsylvania to stay in the race, but she has already said she plans on staying in till Denver. “With all eyes on today’s contest, one thing is clear: Pennsylvania is considered a state tailor-made for Hillary Clinton, and by rights she should win big,” according to a campaign memo. “She has family roots in the state, she has the support of the Democratic establishment—including Governor [Ed] Rendell’s extensive network—and former President Clinton is fondly remembered. The bottom line is that if Senator Clinton is going to make meaningful inroads in this race for delegates, she will need a huge margin in Pennsylvania.” They want to claim that Pennsylvania really doesn’t matter that much anyway saying, “tonight’s outcome is unlikely to change the dynamic of this lengthy primary.” “Fully three quarters of the remaining delegates will be selected in states other than Pennsylvania,” the memo added. “We expect that by tomorrow morning, the overall structure of the race will remain unchanged—except for the fact that there will be 158 delegates off the table.” Clinton has a different outlook on the importance of todays race and sees it as pivotal. “I think the question maybe ought to be why can’t he close the deal,” Clinton asked reporter. “With his extraordinary financial advantage why can’t he win a state like this one if that’s the way it turns out. … The road to the White House for a Democrat leads right through Pennsylvania to Pennsylvania Avenue.” She doesn’t think she needs the blowout win the media is telling her she needs. “My opponent has outspent me probably three to one maybe four to one, an enormous effort on his part on TV, in radio, on the phones, in every way that is imaginable to try to win Pennsylvania. So I think a win under these circumstances is a tremendous accomplishment,” she said. Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson responded to the Obama camp claims by sayng, “I reject the notion in which we have to achieve a certain standard of victory other than victory. As I said in November you either win Pennsylvania by one (vote) against John McCain or you lose it, you either win Ohio by one vote against John McCain or you lose it. And assuming we win Pennsylvania it will again show that we are better positioned to win the big swing states that we need to win, that any Democrat needs to win in November.”
Alan Cosgrove

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  3. JP says:

    The 3 most important people this fall will be #1.) Independent Voters. #2.) Independent Voters and #3.) INDEPENDENT VOTERS!!! PA did not allow independents to vote in the Democratic Primary. Barack Obama does very well with that group!
    If Clinton is the nominee (and she very well could be!) then the INDEPENDENT VOTERS will vote for McCain (as a general rule). If you want a Democrat in the White House then Obama is your man.

  4. JP says:

    I’m thankful that Indiana and North Carolina matter more than “Presidential Idol”.

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