I Got A Crush On Obama

Here is the new hot video, ‘I Got A Crush On Obama,’ featuring Obama Girl. It is brought to us by www.barelypolitical.com, and is not connected to the official Obama campaign. The video stars scantly clad model Amber Lee Ettinger, who calls herself Obamagirl. It was produced by her and 4 other friends that call themselves Obama supporters. “Hey, ‘B,’ it’s me,” Obamagirl says in the video, “If you’re there, pick up. I was just watching you on C-SPAN.” “So I put down my Kerry sign, knew I had to make you mine. Smart, black and sexy you’re so fine, ’cause I got a crush on Obama,” is one verse. The Obama campaign says they have nothing to do with it, but they are fine with all the buzz it is creating on the internet. They should embrace this song. They could raise a fortune in campaign funds selling those little red OBAMA shorts, and the “I Got A Crush On Obama” shirts. This is well worth the watch.
Alan Cosgrove

‘I Got A Crush On Obama’

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