John McCain Attacks Hillary Clinton’s Pork And Mitt Romney’s Flip Flops

John McCain was speaking in Los Angeles yesterday and he accused Hillary Clinton of clogging up the military budget with 150 million in pork barrel projects, or home state earmarks. 43 million went to Long Island alone. McCain would like to propose an amendment to, “eliminate these earmarks and pork-barrel spending projects, which the Pentagon had no request for and had no need for.” “We can’t do this earmarking and pork-barreling if we ever are going to be careful and serious stewards of the taxpayers’ dollars,” McCain said. Clinton was second in pork-barrel spending only to Armed Services chairman Carl Levin, who secured more than $210 million. Clinton is actually proud of the work she has done on behalf of her constituents, often issuing news releases bragging about her projects and contracts for local companies. McCain has been a longtime critic of such spending, and it shows because he has none. Clinton didn’t really respond, and instead was more interested in talking about the endorsement of director Steven Spielberg.
John McCain saved a little of his attack for Republican rival Mitt Romney. Romney is scheduled to address the National Right to Life convention in Kansas City on Friday. McCain used this opportunity to send emails to the press showing Romney flip flopping on the issue of abortion. They called it “Mitt v fact”, and had a link to the YouTube video of Romney as governor in 2005 saying, “I have indicated that as governor, I am absolutely committed to my promise to maintain the status quo with regards to laws relating to abortion and choice, and so far I’ve been able to successfully do that. And, my personal, philosophical views about this issue are not something that I think would do anything other than distract from what I think is a more critical agenda.” Romney’s camp responded to the attack by saying they are acts of desperation.
Alan Cosgrove

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