Ron Paul On Colbert Report

Ron Paul has now made it. First he was on The Daily Show, then he showed up on Bill Maher’s show. And now, since last night he has been on The Colbert Report. Steven Colbert welcomed his guest by saying, “With my help, he could become the Republican Mike Gravel.” “I’m not sure how to feel about you,” Colbert told Paul, “but I’m passionately ambivalent. You voted against the Patriot Act, you voted again the Iraq War. But you also hate taxes and you hate gun control. You are an enigma wrapped in a riddle nestled in a sesame seed bun of mystery. Are you a Republican or are you not a Republican?” “You’re confused, because I’m a constitutionalist, and you haven’t met one in a long time,” responded Ron Paul.
Alan Cosgrove

Here is the Steven Colbert interview with candidate Ron Paul, June 13, 07;

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