It’s Time To Take The ‘Kill Romney’ Strategy To The Next Level

Mitt Romney squeaked out a win in Michigan despite being attacked from all sides. In his latest web ad he points out the disappointment from the Obama team that spent a lot of money to defeat Romney in the republican primary. According to an email to supporters, “Despite their best — and dirtiest — efforts, the Democrats’ “kill Romney” campaign was a bust last night. And while we celebrate Mitt’s victories, Obama’s team in Chicago is contemplating what went wrong. But don’t think for a minute they are done.” Romney claims the democrats are afraid to face him in the general election saying, “after proving that they will say, spend, and do anything in Michigan to “kill Romney” and avoid facing Mitt in the general election, the Democrats are taking their dirty tactics to Super Tuesday states ahead of next week’s vote. Why have they resorted to such desperation? Here’s your answer: nearly 24 million Americans struggling for work, 2.8 million foreclosed homes, and $15 trillion in national debt.”

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