Jim Gilmore Uses Webcast To Enter Race

GOP candidate Jim Gilmore announced in a webcast that he is running for President in 08. “This is going to be something unique in American politics and something I think is the wave of the future, which is the chance to talk directly to the people as we develop the campaign through the Internet,” Gilmore said. To see his announcement video check out his campaign sight. Gilmore is running as a conservative and has something to say about each of the three front runners and their conservative credentials. “I don’t think Mayor Giuliani has even suggested he’s a conservative,” said Gilmore. “Senator McCain has not made his reputation as a conservative. He’s made it as a maverick.” And he says the difference between him and Romney, “is he is attempting to shift into becoming a conservative.” Jim Gilmore was the governor of Virginia, and also headed the Republican National Committee in 2001. He considers himself a true conservative, and has always been a conservative, along the same line as Ronald Reagan. “I am the real thing,” Gilmore said. “I’m not gonna game you. If you want a liberal, go elect one. But it ain’t me.”
Alan Cosgrove

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