John Cox Wants An Iraq Marshal Plan

Republican candidate John Cox has come up with a solution for Iraq called the Iraq Marshal Plan. The original Marshal Plan was in 1947 to 1951 to help rebuild Europe after the destruction of W.W. II. It was to help build a strong ally buffer zone to help fight communism. We pumped in 13 billion dollars in economic and technical assistance to help rebuild those countries that agreed to join the Organization for European Economic Co-opertion. We also offered help to the Soviet Union and her allies but only if they made some political changes, but they refused. Now John Cox wants a similar plan for Iraq. In a recent email Cox proposed;

The Iraq Marshall Plan

The Iraq surge report brings up more debate. Let’s cut through this and do what is necessary to get victory: an Iraqi Marshall Plan to rebuild their economy and get their people to work. All the government and security in the world won’t do any good if the electricity doesn’t work and the unemployment rate is north of 50%! Let’s do what we did after WWII – rebuild their economies by rebuilding their oil industry. This will work immediately because it won’t take much to get their oil revenues going – just pump the oil and sell it. In post WWII Europe, we needed to first rebuild factories, train people, etc. Here, all we need to do is pump and sell and get the revenue into the economy. Let’s get it done, let’s stabilize that country and get our soldiers home with victory and honor!

So just like that, we can have victory in Iraq, with a strong ally. And all it takes is Iraq’s oil.
Alan Cosgrove

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2 Responses to John Cox Wants An Iraq Marshal Plan

  1. Michael says:

    It’s really nice that he wants a “Marshall Plan” for Iraq.

    I’d be more interested to know how he’s going to raise money for his campaign, since he’s yet to raise $14,000 (sic) in over 16 months of campaigning for president.

    Let’s pay attention to what the candidates at the ADULT table are doing, shall we?

  2. James says:

    Cox is not worthy of attention. He has very little to add to the debate because there is no way an average Joe (even a millionare Joe like him) can win.

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