Ralph Nader Bashes Democrats And The Courts At The Green

The Green Party held it’s 2007 National Meeting in Reading, Pa. the last few days and presented some of their 2008 presidential candidates. Among the candidates attending was 2000 Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader. Many still blame Nader for putting Bush in the White House, but Gore couldn’t even win his home state Tennessee. The Green Party said their top goal is to get their presidential and vice presidential nominee on all the ballots in all 50 states. They focus most of their attention towards the Democrats and the courts. Carl Romanelli was denied ballot access in a 2004 senate run and he blamed the courts. He had this to say about the courts, “Their partisan conduct … was reprehensible, and the courts should be held accountable for this hijacking.” Nader continued with this theme adding, “Pennsylvania is now the King Kong of ballot-access busters in the 50 states. Philadelphia is now the center of a judicially implemented strategy that can just about knock off any third-party candidate … so this is clearly a corrupt system. This is clearly an unconstitutional system.” “The first thing we have to do is generate a level of public indignation that is lacking now,” Nader said, noting that independent parties have played major roles in America’s past. “If we liked that, we should like it in the 21st century as well.” “No other country comes close to providing voters with such a small number of choices and making third party candidates hurdle an almost insuperable number of obstacles just to get on the ballot,” said Nader as he called for a single federal statute to govern ballot access for candidates for federal office. This would make it easier for a third party candidate to run for office. Nader also directed some of his attention towards the Democrats. Nader said he is considering another run, but said he would have to assemble an army of volunteers and pro bono lawyers to defend him against the “Democratic quadrennial assault.” “We’re going to be ready for them. We will confront them on every level,” Nader told a news conference. “They better have clean hands.” This time the Republicans have their own version of Nader with Mike Bloomberg. It should be fun with two big third party candidates on the ballot. Americans deserve the right to see all the candidates on the ballots. Bring on Nader and the Bloomberg billions so we can bust up this corrupt two party system.
Alan Cosgrove

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