Mike Huckabee Takes on Michael Moore

Mike Huckabee admits he has not seen Michael Moore’s new movie ‘Sicko’, and says he probably won’t either. Huckabee himself was once a bit overweight, and lost over 100 pounds after he was diagnosed with diabetes said this about Moore, “Frankly, Michael Moore is an example of why the health care system costs so much in this country. He clearly is one of the reasons that we have a very expensive system. I know that from my own personal experience.” “I know how much more my health care cost when I didn’t take care of myself than when I do take care of myself, not only in terms of doctor visits but regular diseases, illnesses, chronic things that come up, monthly prescription bills,” Huckabee said. “All of those things have gone dramatically down since I’ve taken care of myself and worked to live a healthier lifestyle.” So don’t worry about the millions without health insurance. All we need to do is get them exercising and eating a better diet. Huckabee also attacked Moore for going to Cuba during the film. “Let me ask you, have you ever met anybody when they were really sick say, ‘Oh my gosh, I have a desperate disease. Get me to Havana, I’ve got to have the best health care in the world,'” Huckabee said. Since he didn’t see the film, it is hard to judge why those people went to Cuba with Moore. I don’t think they were looking for the best health care, just any care that was within their budgets. So that’s Huckabee’s spin on the health care crisis in America, just take better care of yourself. “Anything we could do to help steer people to healthier habits comes back to us many times over and that’s a real focus that needs to happen,” Huckabee said. Preventative medicine is a good idea, but that is hardly the fix for America’s millions without any form of health insurance, or affordable health care. But that seems to be the best that Huckabee can offer saying, “Right now, insurance companies will pay $100,000 or more for a quadruple bypass but wouldn’t pay a couple hundred dollars for a person to have nutrition counseling and maybe to work with an exercise physiologist to determine how to get those extra pounds off. … It’s a lot better to spend some more money on the prevention side than it is on the intervention side.” What he is failing to understand is, millions are without any insurance that would let them see an exercise physiologist, nutrition counselor, or even a simple country doctor.
Alan Cosgrove

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