John Edwards Has Problem With Free Speech

John Edwards campaign has complained about a college student reporter’s story on the location of Edwards campaign headquarters. Second year master student Carla Babb did a story which questioned Edward’s campaign headquarters being in the Chapel Hill which is also the location of the University of North Carolina. She thought it was unwise to have it there, since he speaks so much about poverty, and Chapel Hill is a affluent area. The campaign first contacted Babb and asked her to pull the story but she refused. They then went higher and complained to her professor. Charlie Tuggle, an associate professor at the school said they have called him at least three times and asked him to stop the story, saying it misrepresents Edwards. I think Babb’s should get an A for the story. All the Edward’s campaign can say about the whole deal is they think it is “silly.”
Alan Cosgrove

Here is the offending report by Carla Babb;

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  1. Philip Davich says:

    What a silly story. Edwards is the ONLY candidate speaking about issues of social justice in the 2008 presidential campaign. Yet, you expect us to conclude that he’s insincere because of the location of his headquarters in an affluent community? What logic!

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