Hillary Has Million Dollar Birthday Bash

Hillary Clinton had her 60th birthday yesterday and threw a big blow out to celebrate. Billy Crystal was the headliner at the party which was held at the Beacon Theater in New York City. Also at the event was rock acts The Wallflowers and Elvis Costello. Bill Clinton introduced his wife by saying, “she still looks very beautiful.” I am sure he says that to all the girls though. Hillary then showed up saying, “I feel very blessed, especially tonight, to be here with my family…and all of you, who I consider a big extended family.” She also took a swipe at Rudy Giuliani who earlier in the week said he supports the Boston Red Sox, even though he claims to be a big Yankees fan. “I have been a fan, and I remain a fan of the New York Yankees,” Clinton said to cheers. “No changes, no looking to curry favor with anyone else.” Clinton raised 1.5 million at the event with tickets ranging from the maximum $2300 to $100 for seats in the nose bleed sections. The Republicans even noted it was Clinton’s birthday when GOP spokesman said, “Hillary Clinton has a long wish list for her birthday, from Washington-controlled retirement plans and government-run health care to tax increases left and right, and all the while the American taxpayers are only wishing they won’t have to pay for her $750 billion in additional spending.”
Alan Cosgrove

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