Alan Keyes Excluded From Fox GOP Debate On Sunday

Republican candidate Alan Keyes will not be allowed to attend this Sundays Fox Republican debate. He has already participated in two debates including the Values Voter Debate in Fort Lauderdale only three days after entering the race. The Florida party said all the participants must have a 1% or better showing in the polls, but Keyes was not in any of the six polls they used. If he had been included most agree he would have polled better than the 1% required. During the 2000 GOP presidential primary he got about 5% of the Republican vote in Florida. Also national polls that do include Keyes have him about 2% after only two weeks in the race. This is even more than some candidates that have been in much longer, and have been invited to the debate. During a radio interview Keyes said this about being excluded, “Rather than thinking about what they should be doing to make sure that voters are informed and able to get a clear idea of the choices available to them, [some party officials] are doing their best, I think, to make sure that articulation of the kind of conservatism that corresponds to what is on the heart and mind of most grassroots Republicans is not there.” Keyes later asked, “Why such an effort to assure that the so-called top-tier candidates don’t have to face me? Do they fear me because they’re not good enough for the job that needs to be done, or because they don’t represent the conscience and heart of the Republican Party or of the American people?” The top tier candidates do seem to fear him somewhat since they skipped the only two debates he has participated in. If you would like to contact the Florida officials responsible for excluding Keyes contact the Florida Republican Party and Chairman Jim Greer at 850-222-7920, send a fax to 850-681-2063, or email the party using the form at The Republican Party of Florida.

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