John Edwards Wants to Cut Greenhouse Gas and Hillary’s Lead By 80%

John Edwards was in Nevada, Iowa today at the Biomass Energy Conversion Center where he gave details of his energy policies. He said that global warming, “is not a threat about the future. This is a crisis today.” Edwards is calling to cap greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by the year 2050, he wants to draft a new global warming treaty, eliminate 3 billion dollars of the subsidies given to oil companies, increase automotive fuel efficiency, and is calling for 25% of the nations electricity to be produced form renewable sources among other things. Edwards says these moves will help America grow economically as well, “Energy not only cannot be a hindrance to the American economy, it can be the fuel for the American economy.” He also says his plan could put a halt to global warming, saying, “Our generation must be the one that says yes to alternative, renewable fuels and ends forever our dependence on foreign oil. Our generation must be the one that accepts responsibility for conserving natural resources and demands the tools to do it.”
John Edwards would also like to put a halt of the lead in the polls held by other Democratic candidates right now. Even in his own state of South Carolina, where in 2004 he won and propelled himself towards the head of the pack, he is struggling. Edwards finds himself in a distant fourth in South Carolina polls these days, even behind Al Gore who isn’t even running. Voters are referring to Edwards as stale and are looking for fresh faces. What is so fresh about Hillary, she was around the White House for 8 years? If Edwards can’t even hold his own state it will be a kiss of death for his campaign. How about another vice presidential try John?
Alan Cosgrove

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