The Gathering of Eagles Claim Victory Over The Hippies

The right wingers are claiming victory this past weekend since the Vietnam Veterans memorial was not vandalized. They are claiming that as many as 30,000 thousand supporters of the Iraq war and George Bush attended. Human events claimed the pro-war folks outnumbered the anti-war folks by a 3 to 1 margin. These are surprising figures since about 60 to 70%of America is against this war, but somehow the spinsters have the Great Americans over the communist hippie peaceniks. These are many of the same people that tells us that the troop surge is working, or as Defense Secretary Robert Gates said, “sofar, so good.” And they claim the main stream press is slanted. I would call them a gathering of seagulls instead, since they pick up garbage and make some good stuff out of it. Here are some pictures of the peace rally last weekend in Washington D.C.
Alan Cosgrove

Someone needs to bless Bush, How about God bless out Troops and get them out of this civil war in Iraq.

They can claim victory, none of those hippies touched that wall!!

Damn Liberals, if we didn’t have them we wouldn’t have this damn war. We could have killed all the terrorist in the first week, but we couldn’t because of those liberals helping out the enemy with their support.

Someone tell these guys that Kerry dropped out. He is no longer a threat, we need anti-Hillary stuff.. Hillary and Hanoi Jane would be better.

Cindy Shehann is the real threat, her and all those pink ladies. Why is the lady in the middle dressed like a terrorist about to participate in a hanging?

Yea!! That’s it, just go to hell you lovers of peace and harmony, just go to Hell. Anti-war means communist, traitor, imperialist Islam lover.

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