John McCain Apologizes For Anti-Mormon Comments.

John McCain apologized for comments made in April by his County Chairman Chad Workman. Workman made these comments at a meeting of Republican activist. He was questioning whether Mormons were even Christian. He referenced an article that said that Mormons supported the terrorist group Hamas. He also said that Mormons treated their women the same way the Taliban treats their women. He could not be reached for any more comments. A spokesperson for McCain said, “we apologize for any comment made concerning Governor Romney’s religion. … Such comments are inappropriate and unacceptable.” This apology comes only days after Sam Brownback’s campaign also apologized for sending emails that were critical of the Mormon faith. The attacks on Romney’s religion only show the weakness of his opponents arguments. Maybe at the debates they can pull out the cult platform. A persons faith should have little to do with their ability to run this country. We just had six years from a born again Christian, that totally screwed up this country. These candidates should stick to the platforms, and stay away from the religious bigotry.
Alan Cosgrove

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