A Mitt Romney Aide Thinks He Is A Police Officer

An aide for Mitt Romney has had to step down due to police probes about him impersonating a police officer. Jay Garrity, who is Romney’s director of operations, and is often at his side, is accused of leaving a message on an answering machine. On the message Garrity identifies himself as “Trooper Garrity.” He was pretending to talk to someone, and was complaining about erratic driving on the message. Garrity’s attorney claims that Garrity did not make the call. Since then, he told a reporter that was tagging along that he had ran the plates of his car, and that he needed to drop off the caravan. In New Hampshire, where they were at, it is illegal for citizens to access the state’s license plate database. Because of these two incidents Garrity has had to step down from his position with Romney. His attorney denies the sequence of events. This was not the first time for Garrity. In 2004 he was fined by Massachusetts authorities for the same thing. He had a Crown Victoria with lights, sirens, and other law enforcement items on it. At the same time he was employed by Romney as gubernatorial chief of operations. Sounds like Garrity has a bad case of, “don’t you know who I think I am?”
Alan Cosgrove

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