Mike Bloomberg Already Has The Greatest Job

Mike Bloomberg announced on Tuesday that he was dropping his affiliation with the Republican party. He is tired of the two party system saying, “The government at all levels is becoming more partisan rather than less.” “I’m particularly upset that the big issues of the time keep getting pushed to the back and we focus on small things that probably only inside the Beltway are important,” he said. “When you talk to people around this country, they care about who’s going to pay their Social Security, they care about who’s going to pay their medical care, they care about immigration, about our reputation overseas.” These are pretty national issues for the mayor to be concerned about, but he says, “Nobody is willing to talk about those things, and I think that that’s exactly what the candidates should do. I’m going to speak out on those issues, and by not being affiliated with the party I think I’m going to have a better opportunity to do that.” Today Bloomberg was celebrating the 50 millionth call to his 311 telephone information system at a news conference. During the news conference Bloomberg said, “My intention is to be mayor for the next 925 days and probably about 10 hours.” And then he added, “I’ve got the greatest job in the world and I’m going to keep doing it.” That sounds like he isn’t going to run for president in 08. But then he later added, “The more people that run for office, the better.” He also said that pollsters are “wasting their time” by including him. Just like Newt Gingrich and Al Gore, Bloomberg is playing the non-candidate game. This allows them to promote an agenda without facing the criticism of the other candidates. After the other candidates tear each other up these non-candidates can jump into the race, fresh and unscathed. With all the dissatisfaction with the 20 declared candidates, these non-candidates have a great chance to upset the apple cart and win a presidency.
Alan Cosgrove

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