John McCain Says The Media Just Loves Obama

John McCain’s latest video called Obama Love;

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1 Response to John McCain Says The Media Just Loves Obama

  1. JP says:

    John McCain is such a jerk. What about when all of the Reverend Wright publicity was in media. Every time Reverend Wright blew his nose or coughed it made front page news. The media loves Obama? Does Gush Limbaugh love Obama? I don’t think so. McCain is a jerk. I did not like McCain as a Republican and I certainly don’t like him anymore now that I am a Democrat. I pray to God that McCain never becomes President.
    I am an American. I plan on voting if God allows me to still be alive and healthy till November 4th (only 95 days left but whos counting?). My one vote however will not determine the election. I can only vote once but I am praying every day and praying like hell that Obama wins.

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