Meghan McCain Tells Maddow She Is Not Pro Vaginal Probing

John McCain’s daughter and “republican” darling of MSNBC Meghan McCain told Rachael Maddow she is “not pro vaginal probing.” McCain was concerned about a bill from Virginia that requires women to have a “transvaginal ultrasound” before undergoing abortions. This helps determine the age of the baby, the health, and if there are twins inside the womb. The left refers to this bill as the “Mandatory Vaginal Probe bill,” and unnecessary. “I feel like I have to go on national television and delineate between the two things,” McCain told Maddow. “I’m horrified by this bill as a woman, as a Republican woman I’m horrified. It scares me that this can go on. It scares me that a woman could be vaginally probed without consent or doctor’s consent, and I think this is completely radioactive for Gov. McDonnell and I have no idea why he would even go on any form and say he would pass it.” Completely radioactive? I just love the way these blowhard pundits completely massacre the English language to try to sound smarter, or clever. Another example commonly used lately is the “optics” seem bad. Really? Why can’t they just say, “that doesn’t look good?” McCain not only demonstrates her lack of knowledge of the English language she seems to be confused on abortion procedures. To get a life out of a womb requires a lot of vaginal probing. The transvaginal ultrasound will be mild to the probing coming when the procedure gets going. It is a good thing for the people wanting abortion as a form of birth control to see what is actually going on inside their bodies. How can this hurt them? “I think this is toxic,” McCain said. “I think there are some things that hit the mainstream — you know I would say moon colonization is the last one. Vaginal probing is something I had friends texting me about, ‘What does this mean? I’m not into politics, but what does this say?’ This is something that will penetrate beyond politics and I do think it will make him a toxic candidate and apparently will end his life-long dream of being a vice president.” It is a shame that her friends depend on her for political advice. And is she trying to be funny when she says this is “something that will penetrate beyond politics?”

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