Sarah Palin Says The Lamestream Media Is All Wee Weed Up Over Santorum’s Satan

Rick Santorum is under the microscope these days due to his surge in the polls. The latest leak is from a 2008 speech to students at Ave Maria University in south Florida. He told the students “Satan has his sights on the United States of America” and “Satan is attacking the great institutions of America.”
Sarah Palin was on with Sean Hannity and defended Santorum’s statements. “They will attack any conservatives who boldly proclaims their faith and talks about there is good in the world and there’s evil in the world and that’s what Rick Santorum was talking about. And this was a speech that he gave back in 2008 where he named evil as Satan. And for these lame-stream media characters to get all wee-weed up about that, first you have to ask yourself, ‘Have they ever attended a Sunday school class even? Have they never heard of this terminology before?” And that’s why they got so, you know, just whacked out about the speech,” Palin told Hannity. She used a personal example to demonstrate saying, “Sean, I gave a speech back in 2008 where I asked college and high school students if they would pray for our troops and pray for our efforts overseas in war zones and they ran that tape over and over again in the Vice Presidential race trying to make me sound like a whacko talking about good and evil in our world.”

Before you lefties start calling her childish, or worse for using such terminology, she is not the first major politician to use “wee weed up.” FPUSA reported in August 2009 about President Obama talking about his 2008 campaign and the entrance of Sarah Palin as vice president. He told the group, “there is something about August going into September, where everyone in Washington gets all wee weed up.”

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  1. InsaneClown says:

    I would be willing to bet they mean two different things to these two. Sarah Palin means those guys get so excited that they wet their britches Barack Obama is thinking more about getting high and taking hits from the bong.

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