Michael Savage For President

Conservative radio Talk show host Michael Savage, of “The Savage Nation” has hinted in an interview with NewsMax.com that he is considering a run for President in 08. Savage said, “I know it sounds bizarre but when you consider the people running for the presidency, none . . . seems to be qualified.” Savage also said, “I would think that somebody who’s not a politician might be a viable candidate.” Michael Savage, born Michael Alan Weiner, is best known for his rants about border control, illeagal aliens, and pinko diaper wetting liberals. In real life Michael Savage has a different life according this Salon.com article. Michael Savage is also an author with a best selling book, “The Savage Nation: Saving America From the Liberal Assault on Our Borders, Language and Culture,”
Alan Cosgrove

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2 Responses to Michael Savage For President

  1. Punchy says:

    Michael Savage is funny…but he’s not qualified either.

  2. I am voting for Savage, he is the last hope for America! If Rice (Republican) or Klinton (Democrat) gets in, I will forver give up on America and will expect Americato perish in MY life time ! (I am 46 at this time of post!) Savage is NOT God, but I KNOW he is the man to Save America!

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