Obama Will Say Saturday He Is In. But When Will Gore Say Anything?

This is Barack Obama’s first Presidential Ad. On Saturday, Feb, 10., in Springfield Illinois Barack Obama will announce he is running for President in 08. Obama will announce this in The Old State Capitol building, the same building that Abraham Lincoln sat with his supporters, plotting his 1860 U.S. presidential campaign. Springfield is also where he spent his seven years in the State legislature. This Chicago Times article talks about the parallels between Obama and Lincoln.

Here’s a trailer from Al Gore’s movie, “An Inconvenient Truth”

Fox News reports that Gore’s top political advisors and supportors met in Boston on Thursday to talk about Gore’s chances in 08. And in an interview with CBS’s Harry Smith Gore avoided trying to answer if he was going to run for President. When asked Gore responded with, “Well, I,” said Gore, “no, I’m not announcing anything today other than the fact that I admire Sir Richard Branson’s decision to put this prize up.” He was talking about Richard Branson’s “Earth Challenge” prize, a $25 million reward to inspire innovations in the field of combating climate change.

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