Mitt Romney Forced To Defend Corn Joke

Mitt Romney’s campaign co-chair, New Hampshire Senator Judd Gregg, was asked this week about Mike Huckabee’s surge in the polls in Iowa and Gregg said he, “viewed Iowa as being a place where they pick corn and New Hampshire being a place where we pick presidents.” That comment didn’t go over very big in Iowa, and Romney was forced to defend it. “Well it sounds like a New Hampshire senator to me. I don’t subscribe to his comment,” Romney told reporters. “As you know, I’ve spent more time in Iowa than anyone else running for president and probably more time in Iowa than any other state. And, I’m proud of the work here in Iowa, and obviously I wouldn’t have spent the time and effort here had I not believed that Iowa has a huge voice.” Romney doesn’t hold it against Gregg, and even uses him in radio ads in New Hampshire where Gregg can be heard saying the country could use Romney’s, “can-do, get-it-done, let’s-solve-the-problem optimism.”
Alan Cosgrove

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