Democrats Refuse To Cross Writers Picket Line

Hillary Clinton released a statement yesterday saying she would not cross the News Writers picket line to debate, and shortly after other democratic presidential candidates followed suit. CBS is scheduled to have a debate co-sponsored with the Democratic party on December 10th in Los Angeles. On Monday CBS news writers agreed to call a nation wide strike which could still be going on in December. They have been working under an expired contract since April of 2005, and represent about 500 news writers in major cities across the USA. CBS says this is “unfortunate”, and feel they have offered a “fair and reasonable” deal. According to Clinton’s statement, “The workers at CBS News have been without a contract for close to two and a half years. It is my hope that both sides will reach an agreement that results in a secure contract for the workers at CBS News but let me be clear: I will honor the picket line if the workers at CBS News decide to strike. America’s unions are the backbone of America’s middle class and I will always stand with America’s working men and women in the fight to ensure that they are able to earn a fair wage.” John Edwards quickly followed and also decided to cancel his wife’s appearance on “The View.” “In addition, we will also honor any picket lines at CBS News, up to and including the CBS presidential debate on December 10th,” according to the statement released by Edwards. Barack Obama, Chris Dodd, Bill Richardson, and Joe Biden all agreed to also not participate in the debate in support of the striking news writers. According to a spokesperson for the Democratic party they will monitor the strike and cancel the debate if the strike is still going on. This would have been the last Democratic debate before the Iowa caucuses on January 3rd. The Democratic Party released the following statement about the strike, “The Democratic Party believes the right to organize and collectively bargain is one of our most fundamental rights, and we are proud to stand with the working men and women in the labor movement. Given the Democratic Party’s long history of supporting the labor movement in America, if the strike is still going on, we will not cross the picket lines.”
Alan Cosgrove

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