Bloomberg and Obama Meet For Breakfast

Barack Obama was spotted having breakfast with New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg this morning at a Luncheonette on East 50th Street. The two met for their coffee date because they have “mutual interest.” The meeting was closed to the press and the diner was closed to the public while they met for 45 minutes. According to a Bloomberg spokesperson, “We are trying to push our agenda because it helps New Yorkers, and because what’s worked in New York will work elsewhere. There are a lot of people we’d like to speak to and we’re going to continue to press our case.” Earlier this week Bloomberg dined with another presidential hopeful Chuck Hagel. Obama also was seen at the Apollo on Thursday night where people paid 50$ to see him. Before showing up at the Apollo Obama had to court Al Sharpton. New York is Hillary Clinton country, and the Apollo is just a few blocks from Bill Clinton’s office in Harlem. Neither Bloomberg or Sharpton have officially endorsed a candidate. Bloomberg says nice things about Clinton in public, but there is speculation that he is trying to ruffle her feathers for not endorsing him for his mayoral run while he was a republican.
Alan Cosgrove

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