Rudy Giuliani Wants To Fire Up The Cold War Again

Today Rudy Giuliani advocated a return to the days of the arms race with Russia in response to a question about Russian President Vladimir Putin. “The good part with Russia is we’re not in a Cold War, there is no longer a Soviet empire, their desires are still of a matter of concern but they’re not nearly what they used to be and we don’t want to get ourselves back into that,” said Giuliani. He went on to say, “Long term the way we prevent getting ourselves back into that, both with regard to Russia, and even China, is to become militarily even stronger.” He claims the military buildup during the Reagan era defeated the Soviet empire during the Cold War. Guiliani also says the demilitarization of Europe and the USA after World War 1 and World War 2 helped contributed to the growth of Nazism and communism. He also criticized post cold war peace dividend brought on by the Clinton administration as being “way too big.” He doesn’t explain what “stronger” means, only saying that the best answer for the Kremlin is “a substantial increase in the size of our military.” Giulinai would like to keep economic ties with Russia while we hold our big stick over their heads, but says he will criticize them when necessary. “You keep pointing out the ways that which they are sliding back, because Putin is to some extent sliding back, and you keep making the world know that,” he said. This means that Giuliani is advocating a used up policy from the 1980’s on a country that has moved into the 21st century. These aren’t the same Soviets that Reagan was dealing with Rudy. He should stick to fighting terrorist and talking about being mayor.
Alan Cosgrove

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