Mitt Romney Says Obama Isn’t Working

Mitt Romney made a stop in Allentown, Pennsylvania at the Allentown Metal Works. This place was also the backdrop for President Obama in December of 2009 to brag about the success of his stimulus programs. The plant is currently shut down with weeds overgrowing the area. According to Romney, “This president came here and called this a symbol of hope. It is a symbol of failure, failure of his economic policy. He’s out of his depth. When it comes to getting the economy going, it’s just not something he understands.” Romney also used this as an opportunity to point out that President Obama spends a lot of time on the campaign trail. President Obama was campaigning in Pennsylvania at the same time as Romney. “The president ought to be in Washington meeting with Republicans, meeting with Democrats,” Romney said. “He shouldn’t leave that town until he has an understanding of what it is going to take to get this economy going again and deal with this financial crisis. But he is here raising money for the campaign.”
Then Romney used this as an ad campaign with a new ad called, ‘Obama Isn’t Working’;

From the Romney campaign; “Over 100,000 Pennsylvania jobs lost since President Obama took office. 39,800 manufacturing jobs lost since 2009. 470,774 people looking for work. Obama isn’t working.”

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