Ron Paul Is Back On Top At Presidential Idol

Ron Paul won this months Presidential Idol for the first time since winning the whole thing in 2008. Paul came in first with 12.26% of the vote but on his heels all month was Mitt Romney with 11.95%. Newcomers Herman Cain with 9.12% and Michelle Bachmann with 8.49% rounded out the top at third and fourth. This month saw Robert “The Naked Cowboy” Burck get kicked off with only .63% of the vote. Burck doesn’t spend a lot of time campaigning or visiting news programs so he didn’t garner many votes here. Now we start all over for the month of July with Presidential Idol and everyone is at zero waiting for votes. At the end of the month we will kick off another candidate until finally in 2012 we can pick the next Presidential Idol.

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