We have started our new game PRESIDENTIAL IDOL. It is a mixture of the highly popular American Idol, and the not so popular Presidential Elections. Put together you get Presidential Idol. We have started with 20 candidates, the top 20 point getters on Fantasy Politics. Each month one of those folks will get voted off, until November 2008 when will have the next and first Presidential Idol. The first month has already started, so pick your favorite candidate and vote. You can vote once a day for who ever you want, as long as they are on the list. We will start fresh each month with one less candidate of course. Check into the gameFantasy Politics USA Game, for complete details on who’s hot and who’s not on Presidential Idol.
Alan Cosgrove

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4 Responses to NEW GAME PRESIDENTIAL IDOL Has Started

  1. Yabooyah says:

    Ummm…do we vote to *keep* favorites, or *boot* losers? tia

  2. acosmo says:

    just like American Idol you vote for your favorites.

  3. acosmo says:

    I rewrote the about American Idol part, so maybe it will be clearer. thanks for the question.

  4. mistycpa says:

    Do we get to see the running results. The poll is only showing todays?

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