Rudy Giuliani Gets Big Endorsement and Big Ads From Conservatives

Rudy Giuliani was on old stomping grounds last night talking over a sandwich at a kosher deli in New Jersey, before heading to a fund raiser. Rudy had this to say about the vote to withdraw troops from Iraq by next year, “I hope that the president vetoes it, and I think the idea of giving your enemy a timetable for retreat makes no sense to me,” He also said, “I believe in Reagan’s approach of peace through strength.” Rudy enjoys a corned beef on rye sandwich at this particular diner.
Today Rudy was endorsed by fiscal conservative Steve Forbes. Forbes made this announcement at NASDAQ. Forbes will also serve as Giuliani’s national campaign co-chair and senior policy adviser. “I am honored to support Rudy Giuliani for President,” Forbes said. “As Mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani showed how exercising fiscal discipline – including tax cuts – lowers deficits, spurs economic growth, and increases revenue. It is time the rest of the country benefit from a true fiscal conservative leader who gets real results.” This will be a big boost for Giuliani with the conservatives, but to help him even more, Rudy has started to run ads on the Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity radio shows. “My campaign is about leadership and optimism,” Giuliani says in the ad. “We need strong leadership to stay on offense in the war against terrorists.’ He also talks about supply side economics and how to get the economy moving. For a link to the ad click here. Giuliani is working on his weak spot by getting more support from the conservatives that have some doubts about him. This could push him far ahead of all the other candidates if it works.
Alan Cosgrove

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