Newt Gingrich On His Southern Strategy

Newt Gingrich was on Fox and Friends this morning to talk about his southern strategy. Gingrich spoke about Mitt Romney negatives like his wall street backing and Romneycare. Gingrich feels Romney may end up with the most delegates today, but still not a majority. He also spoke about White House spokesman Jay Carney calling Gingrich a lier yesterday. Carney said, “what (President Obama) is not willing to do is to look the American people in the eye, and claim there is a strategy by which he can guarantee the price of gas will be $2.50 at the pump. Any politician that does that is lying.” Gingrich responded he is ready to debate President Obama on this subject anywhere anytime. Gingrich says Obama “believes in a fantasy land.” $2.50 a gallon gas is not quite the reach the Obama administration would have you believe since it was only $1.86 just three years ago.

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