What The Hard Core Left Really Thinks About A Southerner

Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, Alexandra Pelosi, filmed a short for Bill Maher’s show showing what they believe all southerners are like. They claim that these people are not cherry picked, but it is clear they are working a deception. This is what the left coast people want you to think all southerners are like. Maher’s and his liberal north east coast mentality thinks he is superior to southerners. This is not the first time Maher and his entourage have insulted the south, and it amazes me that HBO stoops to the level of his show. The truth is we could go to any state in the union and find hicks if we picked the right locations. With the right questions and a little editing it is easy to make someone look stupid. I wonder if Pelosi and Maher are going to set up shop in Detroit or inner city Chicago and interview Obama supporters? The difference would be they would search out black college professors to create a completely different persona. I have friends that have worked in the network news industry for decades, and they tell me interviews are always cherry picked. Normal people are boring, and crazy people make the news. It is that simple, and for Maher and Pelosi to pretend otherwise is a complete lie. Hope you like being played America.

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  1. Maherthetwat says:

    Shows like Bill Maher is exactly why I don’t subscribe to HBO. It is the democratic movie channel. Like the msnbc of movie channels.

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