Obama Angered By Wright’s Speeches

Barack Obama held an impromptu press conference today to explain that he can’t be held responsible for the things Rev. Wright might say. “I have said before and I will repeat again that some of the comments that Reverend Wright has made offend me and I understand why they’ve offended the American people,” Obama told reporters. “He does not speak for me. He does not speak for the campaign and so he may make statements in the future that don’t reflect my values or concerns,” Obama said. Then he added, “I think certainly what the last three days indicate is that we’re not coordinating with him.” Obama really didn’t like it that Rev. Wright hinted that Obama tells us what we want to hear just to get elected. “What particularly angered me was his suggestion somehow that my previous denunciation of his remarks were somehow political posturing,” Obama said. He was referring to Rev. Wright saying, “If Obama did not say what he said, he wouldn’t get elected.” Obama later added, “He’s obviously free to speak his mind, but I just want to emphasis he is my former pastor. Many of the statements he made both to trigger this initial controversy, and that he’s made over the last couple days are not statements that I heard him make previously. They don’t represent my views and they don’t represent what this campaign is about. But he’s obviously free to make those statements.” Since Obama has apparently gone to this church for about 20 years, this would be like Hillary Clinton making a speech announcing she just found out Bill Clinton cheated on her. Is he just saying this because he is a politician, or does he mean it this time?
Alan Cosgrove

Here is video from Barack Obama’s speech on Rev. Wrght;

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  2. JP says:

    Barack Obama is gone (on the road) often. He does NOT sit in the Church Pews in Chicago every Sunday.

  3. JP says:

    and by the way, Reverend Wright retired a few years ago from “the Church” that Barack Obama attends when in his home town.

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