Obama Offers Change In Two Minutes

Barack Obama has released this two minute ad to explain his plan to fix the economy, “and put America back on track.” He wants to reform the tax system, and give the middle class “a thousand dollar break.” Instead of “showering more on oil companies and corporations that outsource our jobs.” Is he buying our votes for a thousand dollars, or this the redistribution of wealth thing? He wants to “fast track a plan for energy made in America.” A plan he says will “free us from our dependence from Middle East oil in ten years, and put millions of Americans to work.” He also wants to end the war in Iraq so that we rebuild America instead of Iraq. He forgets to mention that he also wants to increase the size of our military, and send them to Afghanistan, but that wouldn’t fit into the two minutes. You can read his whole economic plan at BarackObama/plan. At the end he says he “approves this message because bitter partisan fights and outworn ideas of the left and right won’t solve the problems we face today.” I find that interesting since Democrats want Obama to get tougher, and a study by the Wisconsin Advertising Project, based at the University of Wisconsin, showed that since the conventions 77% of Obama’s ads have been attack ads. That compares with only 56% on the McCain’s side. If these bitter partisan fights wont solve the problem, then why is he running so many? This ad is refreshing to note that he does not mention McCain once.

Here is Barack Obama’s two minute ad, “Plan for Change;”

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