One Of Fred Thompson’s Advisers Is A Major Drug Dealer

One of Fred Thompson’s advisers, Philip Martin, a businessman who serves as a co-chairman of Thompson’s campaign has a conviction record including major drug sales. In 1979 Martin pleaded guilty to selling 11 pounds of marijuana, and the court withheld judgment pending completion of his probation. Thompson stands by his adviser even though he claims he was unaware of the past convictions. On ‘Meet The Press’ Thompson had this to say about Martin, “I wish I had known about it a little earlier. Phil I’m sure knows that he should have told me about this, but he thought it was over and done with and forgotten about I’m sure. But of course nothing is ever over and done with and forgotten about in this business.” Maybe the pot charges could be forgiven, but that wasn’t all for Martin. While on probation in 1983, he was charged with violation of probation because he was caught trying to sell $30,000 worth of cocaine. Along with those charges came multiple counts of felony bookmaking, cocaine trafficking and conspiracy. Really hard to sweep that under the carpet. “I know him to be a good man,” Thompson said on Sunday. “I know him to be a man who has rehabilitated himself and led a productive life. He’s my friend. He’s gonna remain my friend.” Thompson may keep him on the campaign though, and wants talk about it first. “You know, what I do about it after I talk to him with regard to the future we’ll just have to see, sit down and work out, and do the right thing to a fellow who is a friend., but who is now on the front page of the Washington Post.” Martin has managed to stay out of jail for crimes that would put most of us behind bars for years, and now Thompson thinks he deserves some type of forgiveness. Maybe a second chance, I mean a third chance. The sad part is Martin is probably a successful businessman who has taken a part of his criminal past to do so. It wouldn’t surprise me if he keeps Martin on his staff, the Republicans elected a former drunken coke head to be President for last 7 years. And they call themselves the party of family values.
Alan Cosgrove

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