John Edwards Says Democrats Need To Show A Little Backbone

John Edwards released his first T.V. ad for Iowa titled ‘Heroes’, where he calls on the Democrats to stand up for the working people. In the ad Edwards says, “It is time for our party, the Democratic Party, to show a little backbone, to have a little guts, to stand up for working men and women. If we are not their voice, they will never have a voice.” In his ad he points to a different type of hero, a waitress, a mother, a nurse, farmers and others. “If you’re looking for heroes, don’t look to me. Don’t look to Elizabeth. We have support. We have health care. We have the American people behind us,” Edwards says. “Look to them. They are the ones who we speak for. They are the ones that we stand up for.” This is Edwards first T.V. ad in Iowa, but he has crossed the state pressing the flesh. Edwards has visited all 99 counties in Iowa.

Here is John Edwards ad ‘Heroes’;

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