Ron Paul Wins Presidential Idol While Two Democrats Get The Boot

October is over, and two candidates have been voted off of Presidential Idol. Ron Paul received the most votes for the month of October and came in first with a strong showing of 51.8%. This is the seventh straight month that Ron Paul has won in the vote count, and he consistently gets about half of the vote. Coming in second with 12.1% of the vote was Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton’s support has been growing in the past three months. The candidate coming in the third was Mike Huckabee with 10.4%. In this poll that has no money involved Huckabee consistently stays in the top three. Mitt Romney’s money can buy no influence on this poll. For the first time two candidates will get voted off of Presidential Idol. Two Democrats, Bill Richardson and Joe Biden tied with less than 1% of the vote, and will both be booted off of Presidential Idol. All the candidates on Presidential Idol are starting from zero again, so we can vote another candidate off at the end of November. We are down to 12 candidates, and November 2008 we will pick from that group the first Presidential Idol. You can vote once a day for any candidate on the list. The one with the least votes on November 30 is voted off, and we start again with 11. So come by and vote for your favorite candidate at Presidential Idol. It’s free and it’s fun. Thanks.
Alan Cosgrove

Here is this months winner Ron Paul on The Tonight Show from 10/30/07;

UPDATE: Biden may get to stay due to late support, and I can’t figure out how to drop him.

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