Radio Station Host Plays Coo Coo Over Ron Paul Ad

Yesterday on Tampa radio station 970 am radio host Schnitt played a “coo coo” sound over a paid Ron Paul radio ad. The ad starts out saying “Who is Ron Paul?”, and at that perfect time a loud “coo-coo” sound could be heard. 970 am is part of the Fox family. Schnitt can often be heard calling supporters of Ron Paul crazy, and part of the fringe element. Today on his radio program Schnitt admitted he made the noise over the paid ad, and even played the ad again, but before and after the ad he made fun of Paul and his supporters. He even claimed that supporters have threatened his life. Schnitt claims the “coo-coo” sound was an accident. On his web site he has pictures of his fat hand accidentally hitting the SFX button which makes the “coo-coo” sound. Schnitt is a right wing nut who spends most of his radio time hating Hillary Clinton, making fun of Ron Paul and his supporters, and cheer leading for the war. He is no more than a Sean Hannity wanna be. You can email Schnitt at, or call him toll free 1-800-801-8999. You can also listen to his garbage on 970 am live. The Florida Ron Paul camp should have a talk with 970’s ad department, and at the very least get a refund for his ads. This type of activity is sophomoric and is a sign that the neo-cons radio hosts are getting a little afraid that their end is near.
Alan Cosgrove

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