Rudy Giuliani Claims Pundits Causing Us To Lose Sight

Rudy Giuliani has a new ad in Florida that takes aim at the political pundits. In the ad an announcer says, “With pundits and politicos handicapping the campaign like the Super Bowl, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s at stake.” Then the announcer tells us what is at stake, “An economy in peril. A country at war. A future uncertain. The media loves process. Talking heads love chatter. But Florida has a chance to turn down the noise, and show the world that leadership is what really matters.” He is talking about the same leadership he showed in New York City where he couldn’t find new usable radios for first responders even after 8 years. Giuliani is betting it all on Florida, hoping he can scare the Florida elderly to vote for him. He is likely to finish third or worse in Florida, and hopefully will drop out of the race soon after. At least he didn’t mention 9/11 in this ad.
Alan Cosgrove

Here is Rudy Giuliani’s new ad, ‘Super Bowl’;

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