Ron Paul Has To Deal With Rudeness During The Debate

Ron Paul had to deal with rudeness during the debate while the questions where asked. Quite often during his questions you can clearly hear one of the other candidates laughing. I guess any of his ideas are just jokes to some of the other candidates. My guess it was Rudy Giuliani, who can only say he was the mayor of New York. Fox News should have showed us who it was that thought Ron Paul was so funny, they sure had no problem leaving a mike open so we could hear it. It was distracting, but Ron Paul was able to talk over it. It was also extremely rude, and unbecoming of someone running for an office as high as the president. Will this unknown candidate laugh at world leaders during meetings? I think Fox News is trying to demean Ron Paul’s message by leaving the mike open for the laughs throughout the whole debate. The laughing is especially strong later in the debate. Rudy and fox news both need to grow up. This is a serious debate, and people are dying in Iraq while you guys laugh at real ideas. What did Giuliani offer us tonight? Oh, his experience as mayor of New York.
Alan Cosgrove

Here is Ron Paul during the debate;

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16 Responses to Ron Paul Has To Deal With Rudeness During The Debate

  1. Laughsatyou says:

    it was brownback laughing.

  2. metz says:

    He dealt with it well, even Hannitys blatant idiocy during the interview at the end.

  3. Dave says:

    Yea, mikes off when they aren’t in line to speak. And a timer that only gives them 5 seconds to finish up after the bell, would encourage them to close in a timely manor as well.

  4. Chris says:

    I completely agree. I sent a few emails to fox regarding this crap.

  5. bill says:

    good man, sadly of only a few.

  6. Get Real says:

    Obviously you guys are secular progressive far left liberals here. You’re trying to make this out as a conspiracy against Fox News. That’s ridiculous. I saw absolutely nothing wrong with this debate. It’s an open debate of the Repulican Party. They are facing their competition. If they can’t handle laughing from another canidate then how can they handle running our country? That’s the way I see it. I didn’t see any laughing from the Fox News analysts. They were asking tough questions and making sure that Ron Paul stuck by his ideologies. All the canidates have open mics. Why would Fox News want to demean Ron Paul? Give me a break. The only person laughing was Giuliani that I could see. That’s why they had the split screen showing Giuliani with a grin on his face. Obviously Giuliani thought that Ron Paul’s ideologies were ridiculous. His ideas were a little liberal and a little crazy. I mean he wanted to get rid of the CIA? I don’t blame Giuliani for laughing. It’s a debate and Ron Paul is fair game. Even Huckabee chimed in against Ron Paul. Now in that same breath, Ron Paul can contest what Giuliani says and he can laugh at his policies if he wants. Being the mayor of New York is big time experience though so I wouldn’t down play that. New York is the biggest microcosm of the US that you’re going to get and he handled things well after the 9/11 attacks. Fox News is the only trusted News network to have the Republican debate. Why would Fox News want to manipulate anything here. They are all Republican. I couldn’t imagine the far left liberals at CNN hosting a Republican debate.

  7. Peter says:

    If it was Brownback laughing last night, at least nobody laughed at his “Kansas is flat” joke. I think it’s more likely that it was crazy old man McCain who was laughing the entire time. The laugh sounded like a crazy person, it must have been McCain… not to mention he can’t seem to stop laughing in all the post-debate interviews.

  8. Peter says:

    It was disgusting to see that kind of disrespect, but what else can you expect from a Fox News debate? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

  9. W Gary Johnson says:

    Some people just can’t help themselves. Whenever they hear Ron Paul mention the Constitution, they just get the giggles! But seriously, Ron Paul showed tremendous grace and dignity facing not only his opponents but the debate moderators as well.

  10. Peter says:

    He did show grace and dignity, and he was never lost for words. I love that guy.

  11. Lauren says:

    I found the laughing very distracting and rude. It was very unprofessional.

    There was more than one candidate laughing at one point – I thought it sounded like Mitt Romney.

    I don’t hold FOX responsible – it is each candidate’s responsibility to act professionally.

  12. Chris says:

    the only way i could see it being fox’s fault about the laughing is if the mics are supposed to be turned off when they aren’t speaking. as far as i know that’s not the case. i WAS very unprofessional to laugh at what Mr Paul was saying, especially since everything he said was in line with our county’s highest laws, those found in the constitution and bill of rights. i really think that the only person who can possibly set things anywhere close to right is Ron Paul, and anyone who disagrees with that is the REAL terrorist in my opinion

  13. acosmo says:

    To all those that think that fox news is not responsible. I work in the business. Each speaker has a mic feed. When a candidate is not speaking it is customary to turn down their mikes on a mixer. If you listen to the video you will notice that the laughing is not very loud at first. What happened was someone, a producer probably, heard it and asked the soundman to leave it on. A good soundman would hear that quickly and would not leave it on, it is very unprofessional. It is their job to make things sound crisp and clean, no chatter, and they have all the equipment to make that possible. Only someone higher up would make them leave it that way, like a producer. Just notice you don’t hear chatter on other debates do you? That was clearly Fox’s fault for letting it go on, and it was in bad taste for the candidate to do it. You folks that have written to support Fox really need to change the channel every once in a while. If you really want to believe that it wasn’t fox’s fault then you at least have to understand they must have children running their equipment, because a real soundman would never let that happen, and real producers would never let a soundman let that happan, and real control people,(folks in the control booth) would not let that happen. So either fox news is not a professional outfit, or it is responsible for letting the laughing mic feed bleed over into Ron Paul’s feed.

  14. bruce says:

    I heard on npr that sean hannity was providing the laugh track. I do not know how they know that but it seem plausible. Ron Paul has some serious guts but beware his radical libertarian ideology.

  15. Comrade604 says:

    Radical? I would say that both Nelson Mandella and Ghandi were MUCH more radical in their own libertarianism than Ron Paul. Perhaps radical by American standards…

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