Duncan Hunter Claims Gitmo Detainees Have Better Insurance Than Most Americans

Duncan Hunter told the crowd at the Republican debate that he would keep Guantanamo Bay open, and would hold detainees indefinitely if needed. “And let me tell you,” Hunter said, that “the proof of that is the fact that we have conducted these combatant review tribunals. And we’ve actually sent back to the battlefield or sent back to Afghanistan some of the people that we thought were no longer a threat.” “Some of those people have shown up on the battlefield bearing arms against our soldiers and sailors and airmen and Marines, back on the battlefield after we sent them back,” declared Hunter. “If anything, we’ve been too liberal with the release of terrorists.” Hunter explained the detainees actually have a really nice place at Guantanamo Bay, and the catering is great. “The last time I looked at the menu, they had honey-glazed chicken and rice pilaf on Friday. That’s how we treat the terrorists,” he said. “They’ve got health care that’s better than most HMOs. And they got something else that no Democrat politician in America has. They live in a place called Guantanamo, where not one person has ever been murdered,” Hunter explained. “And there’s not one politician, one Democrat politician in America, that can say that about one of the prisons in his home district. We’ve got to keep Guantanamo open.” Hunter thinks Guantanamo Bay is a model prison, and has no problem holding detainees indefinitely without charging them with any crime. Sounds like good strong American values. Maybe he could look into the rest of us getting some the same health insurance the detainees at Guantanamo Bay have.
Alan Cosgrove

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