Rucy Giuliani Says Democrats Would Discourage Investment

Rudy Giuliani told voters in New Hampshire that if the Democrats are elected then expect your taxes to go up 20 to 30%. “Democrats are kind of falling over each other seeing who can raise taxes faster,” Giuliani said. “It looks like they’re going to raise taxes anywhere 20 to 30 percent. John Edwards just said he’s going to raise the capital gains tax double that. Last time we did that, we lost 40 percent in revenue. The last time we did what John Edwards is discussing, the United States lost revenue by basically discouraging people from making investments.” John Edwards just recently proposed raising taxes for the wealthy to try to create tax breaks for the middle class. Giuliani prefers the trickle down policy made famous by Ronald Reagan. If you cut taxes for the wealthy then eventually they spend more, or hire more people in their small businesses. These tax cuts that Republicans talk about aren’t for you or me. They are for the millionaires. Giuliani wants less taxes, and less government in our lives. “That’s what makes America great, not this nanny government that Democrats want to give us, where government controls your entire life,” Giuliani said. He doesn’t seem to mention the governments intrusion into our lives to fight this war on terror the way he wants to. And he forgets to tell us these tax cuts don’t even amount to a hill of beans to most of us. Or the fact that when taxes are cut like this so are funds to local services to help finance them. Then local taxes go up to make up for the losses from the national level. So if you want Mitt Romney, John Edwards, and Bill Clinton to have lower taxes, then Giuliani might be your man.
Alan Cosgrove

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