Barack Obama Would Like To Be Like Teddy Roosevelt

Barack Obama was in Ceder Rapids, Iowa today speaking at Roosevelt Middle School. He told the crowd of 500 at the school, “It’s time to get off of the conventional wisdom and try something new. And that’s what we’re going to do in the Obama administration.” Obama explained that the school’s namesake Teddy Roosevelt, came to office when robber barons and powerful interest groups ruled, and he challenged them, and set about busting then up to level the playing field. “More than a century later, American needs that kind of leadership,” Obama said. Obama also continued his feud with Hillary Clinton by saying the U.S., “should not be afraid to talk to anybody. I am not worried about losing a public relations debate with some tin pot dictator.” Obama also took a few shots at the Bush’s policy of no bid contracts for companies like Halliburton. “When our government gives Halliburton seven billion dollars in taxpayer dollars to put out Iraqi oil fires that don’t exist, when we hand over Katrina contracts to more of George Bush’s FEMA friends, it doesn’t just violate the American people’s trust,” Obama said. “It takes away the tax dollars they’ve earned and the valuable services they need.” Obama also mentioned special interest groups and lobbyist. Obama said that lobbyists “stop us from addressing issues that matter” and that the country needs to “change the way business is done in Washington.” “It’s not our agenda being moved forward in Washington,” he said. “Special interests dominate on a day to day basis in terms of legislative activity. If we can’t change that, we’re not going to change anything.”
Alan Cosgrove

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