Rudy Giuliani Offers His Health Care Plan

Rudy Giuliani will unveil his health care proposal on Tuesday. His plan is a lot like the failed one President Bush tried to propose. Giuliani’s plan offers a $15,000 tax deduction that would allow people to shop in the open market for their health coverage, and if you have an money left over, you get to keep it. He would also propose tax credits and vouchers for low income people that can’t afford health care. This free market form of health care is in sharp contrast to what major Democratic candidates are proposing and Giuliani points that out. “What we’re going to talk about is how to save American health care, and the way to save it is by relying on American principles, not Cuban and European principles, like the Democrats want to do,” Giuliani said. “We don’t need a Michael Moore-Hillary Clinton health care program.” Giuliani thinks that these tax deductions will give us about 50 million new consumers out there buying private health insurance, which will drive the rates down. It is easy, and has already failed once, when George W. Bush tired to sell us this same plan.
Alan Cosgrove

Here is Giuliani explaing his “new” health plan;

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  3. johnwk says:

    The Rudy plan is intended to protect the Washington Establishment’s Empire and its millions of political plum jobs have excessive salaries, very generous retirement plans, and other benefits, all of which Mary and Joe Sixpack can only dream of having but are taxed to finance to make these plum job holders loyal to the Establishment. And, in so doing, Mary and Joe Sixpack are Congress’s tax slaves, used to finance Congress’s loyal foot soldiers [its political plum job holders] which double as poltical campaign workers during federal election time to prop up the Washington Establishment Empire.

    Unlike the slavish Rudy Plan, designed to keep alive the Washington Establishment’s Empire, which is our nation’s real problem, my plan attacks the worm at the root of the tree which causes our misery by closing down unconstitutional creations of Congress which have been created to build their loyal foot soldier army.

    For example, by closing down just one federal agency, which is not unauthorized by our federal Constitution, the Federal Department of Education [education being a state constitutionally authorized function which the people in each state are now taxed to fund by their state government] and returning its budget [$ 67 BILLION, which was approximately the entire federal budget in 1952] to the various states by the rule of apportionment, Michigan would receive a very generous $26 MILLION which I‘m sure would help the people in Michigan with their health care costs.

    Tell us Rudy, do you object to a return to federalism because the iron fist of the federal government would be weakened by closing down its political plum job Empire and Congress would loose millions of loyal foot soldiers holding these political plum jobs who double as political campaign workers during federal elections to prop up the Washington Establishment’s Empire?

    Rudy is a federal government loyalist and dedicated to keeping the Washington Establishment alive and in power.

    I have defended my position in this thread which may be of interest to those who are unfamiliar which federalism and how our constitutionally limited Republican Form of Government was intended to operate.


  4. johnwk says:

    Please excuse me for a typo above, I meant to write:

    For example, by closing down just one federal agency, which is unauthorized by our federal Constitution


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