Rudy Giuliani Pledges To Cut Trillions Of Tax Dollars

Rudy Giuliani now plans on buying his votes with promised tax cuts amounting up into the trillions of dollars. In his new ad, ‘First Day’, the announcer says, “On his first day in office, Rudy Giuliani will send Congress the largest tax cut in American history.” That’s a great idea. No one likes paying taxes. Then Giuliani tells us, “I would lower taxes as President of the United States because it’s not just an ideology or, or a theory for me. I made it work. I had results.” Then we go back to b-roll and the announcer says, “Rudy’s delivered more tax relief than the other Republicans combined. And now has a plan to cut taxes by trillions of dollars.” Back to Giuliani saying, “I’m the one who, who’s lowered taxes, and lowered spending, and actually gotten it done where it was more difficult to do it than even in Washington, DC.” That would be a good plan. Less money to pay for all the stuff we already can’t pay for, a worldwide war on terror, and a massive debt to worry about. And if you thought we had a economic recession coming now, wait for President Rudy.
Alan Cosgrove

Here is Rudy Giuliani’s new ad ‘First Day’;

Here is Rudy Giuliani explaining how his tax cut would work from the South Carolina Fox debate;

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