Six Years In Guantanamo Bay

Today marks the sixth anniversary of the opening Guantanamo Bay as a prison to hold prisoners of the war on terror. Some of the presidential candidates have mentioned closing Guantanamo Bay, but others have called for doubling the size of the prison. Now there are some 250 “enemy combatants” being held there without any charges, but about 800 “enemy combatants” have been in and out of there in the last 6 years. Democracy Now did a story on a man from Yeman that spent 5 years at Guantanamo Bay. BraveNewFilms writer Cliff Schecter, has released a video of another man from Sudam being detained at Guatanamo that is worth watching on this sixth anniversary. It would be nice if we didn’t have a seventh anniversary.
Alan Cosgrove
Here is Cliff Schecter’s video ‘Guantanamo Unclassified’;

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