The Democratic DNC Winter Party, Day One

Today was the first day of the Democratic DNC 2007 Winter meeting. This was an opportunity for the candidates to speak before about 400 DNC members, each of whom is a “super-delegate” with a vote at the national convention which will pick the party’s 2008 presidential candidate, and about 100 other Democratic activists. The super-delegates, a category that includes DNC members and elected officials such as Democratic governors, account for nearly 40 percent of the total number of delegates needed to clinch the nomination. Included in todays lineup in order of appearance; was Christopher Dodd, Barack Obama, Wesley Clark, John Edwards, Dennis Kucinich, and Hillary Clinton. Chistopher Dodd said he wouldn’t join GOP filibuster of Warner anti-surge resolution. He also said he is against torture, and would overturn Bush’s torture policy. Dodd said he would get our troops out of Iraq, and called the non binding resolutions “meaningless”. Barack Obama was the only candidate that didn’t have walk on music. He compared the whole campaign process as something like “American Idol” or “Surviver”. Obama said he was against the Iraq war since the beginning. He also said all the candidates should pledge to provide health care for everyone. Wesley Clark hasn’t even announced that he is in, but he is. Clark spoke about being a soldier, and how we should get out of the war in Iraq. He stressed strong leadership for America’s future. John Edwards told the crowd that “Silence is betrayal,” declaring that members of Congress should not “stand by quietly” as Bush dispatch more troops to Iraq. “We cannot be satisfied with passing nonbinding resolutions that we know this president will ignore,” according to Edwards. Dennis Kucinich stills has the same message he had 4 years ago, get out of the Iraq war. Hillary Clinton had hecklers for her speech. Code Pink, and Iraq Veterans against the war have been dogging her about her choice to vote for the war in 2002. She claims she understands their frustrations. Clinton said that had she been president in 2003, “I wouldn’t have started this war.”
It all had a common theme, war is bad, and Bush is bad. May the best one win.
Alan Cosgrove

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  1. Punchy says:

    Didn’t Hillary vote for the war in ’03?

    It seems that Reagan and Oliver North aren’t the only people that have problems “recalling” things.


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