Day Two of DNC Big Winter Party

Todays list of speakers before the DNC super delegates was, in order of appearance; Joseph Biden, Bill Richardson, Mike Gravel, and Tom Vilsack. Joe Biden opened it up with “So, how was your week?” Then Biden made reference to his “clean” remarks, which has gotten more airplay than it really deserves. Biden stated that “This Administration has dug us into a very deep hole:” and, “most of all, without a plan — any plan.” Biden then said he has a plan, he also said, “Mr.. President, the majority of Americans oppose you on Iraq. We are not emboldening the enemy. That’s the one mission you have accomplished.” Bill Richardson stated “I’m calling on all other candidates to agree to run only positive campaigns.” He also spoke about his long resume, a governor with a international experience. And like others wants us out of Iraq. Mike Gravel said that, “anyone who voted for the war… is not qualified to hold the office of the Presidency.” He also said, “And we all know, ‘vital interest’ is a code word for oil.” Gravel appears to be the Democratic candidate with a lot to say, or as some have called him, the real maverick in the race. Gravel was a thorn in Nixon’s side, and was influential in getting us out of Vietnam, and now wants to get us out of Iraq. Tom Vilsack said, “Sadly today so much of what takes place is motivated by fear.” “I am tired of a government that reminds me every day to be afraid and only talks about evil and never talks about promoting goodness.” He is tired of the politics of fear, and wants us out of Iraq now. He also spoke about all his experience as a state governor. That’s all from the big winter DNC meeting. Hope this helps.
Alan Cosgrove

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  1. Punchy says:

    I’m tired of Democrats being tired all the time.


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