Giuliani Says There Is a Real Good Chance and Other Republican Things

In Columbia, South Carolina today Rudy Giuliani told the press that “There’s a real good chance,” when asked if he was going to run in 08. Mitt Romney was in Baltimore, and in a speech before some conservative congressional Republicans he said that Hillary was timid when talking about Iran before the the American Israel Public Affairs Committee this past week. Romney was anrgy that Clinton would want to have dialouge with such countries like Iran and Syria. Romney said, “Someone who wants to engage Iran displays a troubling timidity toward a terrible threat of a nuclear Iran.” McCain has indicated he will run a tough campaign. In 2000 Bush had a few ads that McCain said distorted his record, so McCain hired three of the folks that helped make that commercial. In 2004 McCain said the Swiftboat ads against Kerry were “dishonest and dishonorable,” so he hired the firm that made those spots. McCain’s top advisor had expressed displeasure with the ads last fall that ran against Representative Harold E. Ford Jr., Democrat of Tennessee, that some have even called racist. McCain has that guy on his team too. Looks like McCain is assembling one of the best evil campaign teams out there.
Alan Cosgrove

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1 Response to Giuliani Says There Is a Real Good Chance and Other Republican Things

  1. Punchy says:

    Keep your friends close….but your enemies closer.

    If he hires them, they can’t be hired against him.

    Pretty smart actually…


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