A Guest Post, Comment About the Iraq War

I hate to say this….but the planet has become sissified!!

Link To a Real War.

Now that is a real war!!

What is going on now really sucks, but not like it did for relatively the same cause.

Cause? There’s a cause here? The cause for WWII was the liberation of Europe and the revenge of the Japanese BS in Hawaii. This is something we have all been taught. It is true that the outcome was the liberation of Europe (well at least Western Europe) and the revenge of Pearl Harbor. But it was about control of the central banks of Europe and a real foothold in China’s backdoor (Japan). Another outcome was the realization that the last time someone of power over a country stood on a podium and screamed about killing Jews…he got started.

Well there is an entire group of countries that have the same rough ideology.

1. Israel needs to go away.
2. Jews are jerks and need to go away.
3. America sucks and needs to go away.

All of this stuff is all over Muslin print media, TV, radio, and websites. To be fair, there is the other side presented in these forums as well. But imagine seeing this on your local broadcast..

A Link to Anti-Isreal, Muslim Created Clip

It sounds like the makings of a good enemy. I’m sure they have their points. I guess?? (not!!) If you want to back their right to say it, alright, I’ll go with freedom of speech. But to enact this non-sense, no way!

I side with the Jewish people on this one. And anyone who can’t get past the people getting rich on the war, the oil issue, the basing rights thing, Guantanamo, or any of the other “hate issues” of this war, then you are simply an anti-Semite.

If you feel that the saving of lives during WWII was completely valid, consider this. GM, Ford, Bell, and other govt contractors during WWII made a shit load of cash on equipment sales during the effort.

America is a nation of capitalists. We’ll gladly lease you the land to build your Mosque. Just don’t talk about blowing us up in it.

I have never been in a Christian church (a modern 20th or 21st century church) where the preacher talked of killing for God. It’s creepy when anybody takes their religion that seriously. But if Islam nuttiness was the same as say…speaking in tongues like in a Evangelical Christian Church…I personally would feel less threatened.

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